Computer science

Develop a report on a computer storage mechanisms, include

Hard disk
Solid State Disk
Flash drive

For each device type report:

Technology it is made of
Largest available capacity (in bytes)
Physical structure
Logical structure (the way user sees them)
Power requirements

The literature review of the report should include a review of all background material on the subject with all references to books/web sites you retrieved the information from. If you adopt text from a source it should be in “ “ signifying that it is an exact quote. Pictures adopted from sources should be also clearly labeled and referenced.

The report should have a complete reference (bibliography) numbered and referenced properly in the report. Any material adopted from a reference should be cited by including the numeric reference # in [ ] at the end of the paragraph/sentence referring to the text.


Does our Criminal Justice System discriminate against people based on race ethnicity social class

Answer this question by creating a detailed outline of your paper

1.)The Color of Justice.. Fifth Edition Authors: Samuel Walker, Cassia Spohn, Miriam Delon.
2.)The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get Prison. Tenth Edition. Authors. Jeffery Reiman. Paul Leighton.
3.)The Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Prison. 1st Edition. Authors. Jeffery Reiman. Paul Leighton.
4.) Outside Resource
5.) Outside Resource

Business Studies

Are teams at work productive or a waste of time?
Do you believe that the greatest leaders are born, not made? Explain your answer.

Employee engagement

Content of the research paper
-Literature review –synthesis of literature in the area of research –this will mostly need to come from academic literature, but practitioner literature will also be useful
-Best practices, issues and problems –identify what aspects of the topic are working well or not well in organisations –relevant cases from academic or practitioner literature may be useful
-Discussion and analysis –analyse the issues thoroughly and identify how problems could be solved
-Conclusion –include recommendations for organisations


Which one of the five generic competitive strategies most closely approximates the competitive approach of Chipotle’s.

five generic competitive strategies:
1. Overall low cost provider strategy
2. Broad differentiation strategy
3. Focused low-cost strategy
4. Focused differentiation strategy
5. Best-cost provider strategy


1. What are your proposed courses of action? What should the individual, company, organization, or
subject of the case do now? Condense your analysis into three ideas of five to seven sentences each.
2. Think of your recommendations as “how to solve the problem,” or “how to seize the opportunity.”
3. Your recommendations must be consistent with the situation and the facts presented in the case.


discuss how the assigned article illustrates concepts relevant to the particular organizational lens.

1. What are the objectives or strategic direction?
2. Apply the 3 elements of strategic design to the Wal-Mart article: grouping, linking, resource alignment
3.  Analyze the 3 elements as they apply to the article, for example…
4. Is their grouping the best approach? Why or why not? Should they consider a different grouping structure? Which one and why?
5. What linking mechanisms do they have? need? Why?
6. What resources are aligned? need to be aligned? Why?

Workforce Diversity

What are some issues managers face when leading a diverse workforce?
“If you do not like a change that is being contemplated by senior management in your organization, what should/can you do?

“Is accommodating workforce diversity a luxury or a necessity?”

the six values of a quality culture

“The six Values of a Quality Culture”

Write a paper on how you would apply the methodologies and techniques explained to develop a quality culture in your current or past employment. make sure to emphasize each of the six values outlined and include an implementation plan.