A comparison between Shakespeare sonnets(129-130-135) and the Duchess of Malfi by Webster

The research paper should be a comparative essay that compares and contrast the lady in the Duchess of malfi (The Duchess) and the Dark lady in Shakespeare’s sonnets (129-130-135. The paper should contain a clear focus on the following ideas:
– Give a brief explanation on the structures of the texts , with providing brief summaries on the texts .
-Explain The plot and sub plot in The Duchess of Malfi source = Great women of pleasures  Main Plot and sub Plot in The duchess of Malfi by Christina Lucky pages 267 to 283
– The image of women in the Medieval literature
-Explain the image and role of both women in the texts ( The Role of women and Gender in the texts)
-The Function of the Duchess of Malfi and the Dark Lady Source = The Function of imagery in Webster by Hereward T. Price
-The Nature of both women
-Finally, the love that takes place in the texts

The research paper should include a Clear Thesis statement, and when referring to any verse from any of the texts, the number of the exact verse-line- and page should be provided when quoted.

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