Activity 1a
Using the Internet, locate and identify three advertisements for wait staff.
Activity 1b
Consider the three advertisements. Select your preferred role.
– What makes the role appealing?
– What factors influence your decision?
Discuss how an organisation can attract the right staff as applicants using their job advertisements.

Activity 2a
Assume you are the HR manager for an organisation that aims to be the fastest-growing, most profitable accounting firm in the Asia-Pacific region.
Identify and discuss the implications of this mission statement for the following HR activities:
– Recruitment and selection
– Training and development
– Remuneration and benefits

Activity 3a
Organisations often have policy and procedures in place to cover situations where an employee is away from work. Usually, the absence would be because the employee is either on annual leave or is ill and is using some of their sick leave (sometimes called personal leave).
Using the headings below as a guide, write a policy and procedure that might apply to the students in this class for times when they are absent.
– Policy title
– Policy statement
– Application (Scope)
– Procedure description

Activity 3b
There is only one way to communicate new policies and procedures to employees. Consider this statement and identify methods of  communicating new policies and procedures with employees.
Activity 3c
Search the Internet and find three HR Policies. Identify the differences and similarities in the format, (word lengths and setting out); and the content; (key information, objectives, who the policy applies to, and any procedures associated with the policy.)
Activity 4a
Explain why it is important that you have senior management support when you are developing a policy?
Activity 4b
Recruitment, selection and induction policies form an important part of a company’s HR policies.
Bring to class a copy of one of those policies you downloaded in
Activity 3c
Consider the policy you have obtained.
Critically evaluate the policy:
– What is effective about the policy?
– What could be improved?
Activity 5a
Identify different internal and external environmental factors that can affect the planning of future staffing needs for an organisation.

Activity 5b
Within your study group, discuss and determine the HR planning (workforce planning) implications arising from the following case studies. Then prepare your own responses:
(a) Your company wishes to recruit new trainee managers for the New Year. The program will begin in late January, and it is now October. You will require 26 trainees to be trained in a capital city for one year, after which they may be transferred to any of your stores within regional Australia and its capital cities.
(b) Your company has just won a tender to provide accounting services for a range of hotels and resorts. The program will begin in six months. At present you only have four staff but this tender will require 18 staff. There are critical shortages of staff trained in the specialist area you are providing services to, although there are plenty of accounting staff with general qualifications.
(c) Your staff morale is at an all time low. Staff just can’t seem to keep pace with the consistently high volumes of work they are required to deal with. When your business first opened, this level of work occurred once or twice a month and staff did what they needed to in order to meet tight deadlines, and usually took time in lieu during the next quiet period, but now you are dealing with this level of work on a daily basis.
Activity 6a
Assume you are the manager in charge of a cafe or restaurant. Make a list of 6-8 questions that you might ask someone in the cafe to gain information for a job analysis of their job.
Activity 6b
Assume you are the HR manager conducting a job analysis of a role in a cafe or restaurant. Undertake an observation of a role in a cafe. What information can you gather simply by observing the employee? Take notes of all the job activities you observe.
Activity 6c
Using the information you gathered in Activity 6b, prepare a job description for the role you observed. Use the Job Description template in your Handouts as a guide.
Activity 6d
Using the information you gathered in Activity 6b and the Job Description from Activity 6c prepare a person specification for the role you observed. Use the Person Specification template in your Handouts as a guide.
Activity 9a
Within your group, consider the Casual Waiter Position Description (Handout). Develop selection criteria for the position. Remember to look for essential and desirable criteria.
Activity 9b
Explain the difference between direct and indirect discrimination using an example of both. Base your examples on the type of workplace you observed in Session 5.
Activity 9c
Consider the following scenario and consider the questions. Discuss your responses in your group. Rachel, a single mother, attends a job interview for a position as an office junior. After answering all the questions without any problems, Wendy, the interviewer and office manager, asked Rachel whether she was single or in a relationship, or had any children. What would you do if you were Rachel?Give reasons for your response.
A. Ask Wendy what that has to do with the job
B. Answer honestly
C. Lie and say that you don’t have children
D. Make a complaint

What kind of discrimination has Rachel experienced?
A. Sex
B. Disability
C. Marital status
Activity 10a
Using the Internet, a newpaper or magazine locate and identify three advertisements for wait staff. Consider the three different advertisements. Using the following points to help you with the analysis, rank them on a scale of 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest). You can give an overall rating, or rate each point.
– Visually appealing
– Information about the employer
– Geographic location
– Details about main duties
-Information about terms and conditions
– How the candidate should apply
ï‚· Contact name and address
ï‚· Closing Date
Activity 10b
Using the Handout as a guide, prepare an Application Form which might be used by an applicant applying for a role in a restaurant/cafe.
Activity 11a
Describe the implications on administrative functions on having too many applicants applying for a vacant position.
Activity 11b
What are the advantages of assigning the responsibility of assessing and selecting new staff for an organisation to a manager or supervisor? What are the disadvantages?
Activity 11c
Develop a list of questions that you might ask during an interview for one of the positions being recruited for as part of your assessment. Your questions should include both traditional and also behavioural questions.
Activity 12a
List some of the factors that could influence an organisation’s choice of selection methods.
Activity 13a
Prepare a letter that you would send to a candidate letting them know that they were successful in their application for a position from your major assessment task.
Activity 13b
Prepare a letter that you would send to all other applicants, letting them know that they were unsuccessful in their application for the position.
Activity 13c
Discuss the legal implications of not keeping sufficient records from the recruitment, selection and induction process.
Activity 16a
List some of the benefits of inducting new employees into an organisation.
Activity 16b
Discuss who in the organisation should be responsible for carrying out the induction program for new staff.
Activity 16c
What is the purpose of following up after an induction program has occurred?

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