Advertising and Society

In this unit, we have discussed the effects of advertising on society. Our readings have focused on advertising and its pervasive nature, consumer habits, branding techniques and its influence on American youth. There has been a lot of criticism toward advertising techniques, especially in schools, that question government involvement in advertising regulations.

You will be writing a paper that starts with a question or problem related to our discussions on advertising that requires collecting facts, opinions, and perspectives from various texts. You need to analyze the texts, identify grounds for grouping the textual components,and organize this textual material under one or more controlling themes. The purpose of this paper is to unravel or unfold a topic or question concerning the social effects of advertising to make it clearer to the readers and argue for a particular viewpoint or position based on this research.

You are required to synthesize the information from at least three outside sources. You may use the readings discussed in class for support for your paper, but you will still need an additional three outside sources. At least two of these outside sources must be from an online academic journal or book. Any information retrieved from the Internet must be credible and appropriate as discussed in class. Your paper should be in APA format and 4-6 pages in length excluding your reference page.

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