Advertising subject

Regardless of the category or the brand being promoted, or of the creative techniques used, advertising campaigns have a greater likelihood of success if they contain certain elements and adhere to certain principles.
For this assignment we ask you to use the example of Malaysia Airlines, a brand known around the world. For this company the application of sound advertising practices can make the difference between wasting millions of dollars or spending them effectively.
In order for an advertising campaign to be most successful what and how should it communicate with it’s audience? In answering this question, you should discuss the different theories of how advertising works, referring to the empirical evidence that supports these theories. Ensure that you address the role of the advertising itself and of the way in which media are used. Ensure you also relate these theories to the example of Malaysia airlines.
Make sure you discuss and link your answer to buyer and consumer behaviour and relevant advertising and media theory. Include examples in your essay from Malaysia airlines advertising, where these help illustrate your argument.

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