American Author Review

Pick 1 author from this list.
1. Christopher Columbus
2. John Smith
3. William Bradford
4. Roger Williams
5. Cotton Mather
6. Anne Bradstreet
7. Benjamin Franklin
8. Thomas Paine
9. John Adams
10. Thomas Jefferson
11. John Locke
12. Phillis Wheatley
13. Ralph Waldo Emerson
14. John Greenleaf Whittier
15. William Lloyd Garrison
16. Frederick Douglass
17. Harriet Ann Brent-Jacobs
18. Abraham Lincoln
19. Sojourner Truth
20. Elizabeth Cady Stanton
21. Davy Crockett
22. Washington Irving
23. James Fenimore Cooper
24. Nathaniel Hawthorne
25. Edgar Allan Poe
26. Harriet Beecher Stowe
27. Herman Melville
28. William Cullen Bryant
29. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
30. Walt Whitman
31. Emily Dickinson
After you’ve picked author follow these instructions:
Name of Author: ____________________________________________
Author’s Date of Birth: ____________________________
Author’s Date of Death (if still alive, then not applicable): ___________________________
What genre of literature did this author typically write? (poetry, fiction, non-fiction,

political letters) ___________________________________________
Name the most noted literary work this author is known for: _______________________
When was this work published? _____________
Tell why this particular work was so important or significant for this author:

Name at least two (2) other literary works by this author:
Write a brief a biographical sketch of your author (at least 250-500 words in paragraph format) (Do not cut and paste from a source; this should be in your own words.)

Choose two literary works by this author, read them, and summarize the works: (list the titles below)
Title #1: ______________________________________

Title #2: _________________________________________

What did you learn about this author that you found interesting?

Finally, how did this author contribute to American Literature? What made him or her so important to be recognized as a great American writer?

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