Analysis of a Work of Art from a Local Museum, Gallery or Art Studio

You will be preparing a formal analysis of a work of art from a public museum or gallery of your choosing, convenient to your current location. The first part of your assignment will require you to analyze the museum/gallery work in much the same way that you looked at the works from your first assignment. Use the sheet provided here to help you gather important information and to cite sources. In many cases, you will be dealing with living artists (many from the local area), so you may want to actually contact the artist directly to get this information. If you cannot contact your artist, you may want to use your knowledge of art history to speculate as to the artist’s possible influences and subject matter depicted in the work. After you have the basic background information, try to describe the work using the elements of art.

You are encouraged to write about your personal experience of this art venue.  Did you go alone?  Did you like the building / space?  What thoughts did you have during your experience?  Did you interview the artist, a gallery guard, a curator?

 The second stage of the assignment will include taking the information you have about the work (including your analysis of the elements of art, subject matter and artistic media), and presenting it in essay form.

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