Analytical Essay for Shakespeare Class

– For this essay I want you to expand and develop one of the in-class writing journals that you have done thus far into the semester.

– Pick one in class journal response that you were especially interested in.
(The in class assignment is included in the files I have uploaded. Marked “In Class Assignment”)

– Read through what you have written. Ask yourself whether anyone could disagree with what you have written.(and provide detailed improvements and additions to your initial submission to FULLY answer the question you will base this essay on).

– What would a well-informed and smart person who wanted to disagree with you say in response to what you have written? And how would you respond to that opponent?

– Start by defining or redefining your thesis as clearly as you can. Get clear about what it is that you want to argue for. Then identify two passages from the play that support your case. Copy these two passages out and then comment on each one, explaining why that passage supports your point of view and challenges the point of view of your imagined opponent.

What you should turn in is the following:
(Directions Continued)

1. A few sentences in which you describe where and how your imaginary opponent disagrees with what you have said in your journal entry.

2. A clear restatement of your thesis. This restatement of your thesis can and should be different from the implicit thesis you had in your actual journal writing. My hope is that as you imagine someone disagreeing with you, you will get a clearer and more specific idea about what YOU want to say.

I. You are not tied to your journal entry.
II. You should not just repeat your journal entry.
III. You are supposed to use the journal entry as the starting point to write something better.

3. A nicely written and well-organized essay in which you prove your thesis by quoting two passages from the Shakespeare play referenced in the original journal topic provided, and then carefully explaining why you think these passages support your case.

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