Analyze a film closely follows the steps of Joseph Campbell’s mythic hero’s journey

Assignment: You will analyze a film that you feel closely follows the steps of Joseph Campbell’s mythic hero’s journey.  Refer to the first handout I provided you for two examples, Star Wars and The Matrix. You will obviously need to research Joseph Campbell’s notions regarding the mythic hero’s journey.  Campbell’s The Hero with a Thousand Faces will help you out immensely if you can find it (currently out of print).  The following two websites are also good places to start: and  Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.  It is possible to do a superficial job of researching and still attain the three source minimum; however, the measure of a strong paper will be the depth of knowledge you display regarding the steps of the mythic hero’s journey and its synthesis and application to your film.  Keep in mind that the Campbell’s Journey should be treated as a flexible model with plenty of room for you to be creative yet disciplined in your choices and analyses.

 You may choose any film released in the year 2012 or later.  Check out for release dates.

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