Ancient Chinese Political Philosophy and International Relations Issues (Singapore and China)

Structure of paper:

– a current International relations issues (only facts in this paragraph)

2)Problems faced by Singapore
– the current International Relations issue has to be related to Singapore and China relations.

3)Cause of the problems, and policy effect
– Explain why problem exists, and how it has caused trouble for Singapore, what sort of troubles?
– Point out what policy was formulated wrongly by the government
– Show how problems could have been avoided with a better policy

4) Policy suggestion based on an ancient Chinese philosophy idea (Pick from Xunzi, Confucious, Mencius, Mozi, etc but preferably Xunzi)
– What you suggest Singapore government to do
– How new policy suggested by you will benefit Singapore
– Link ancient Chinese philosophy idea to the real policy

5) 1 paragraph Conclusion
– What problem faced by government, caused by what, and how problem can be solved and interests increased by policy.

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