1. Name and describe in detail the four (4) fields of Anthropology. In addition, please give examples of how these disciplines are actually and practically used in the field. The fifth field is Applied Anthropology; give examples of how and where will you find it being practiced.

2. Define how anthropologists use the word ‘culture’?  Name some of the main components of culture.  Does a group like the United States Army have its own culture? What are some of the questionable and inappropriate ways people use the word ‘culture’?

3. How does evolution work? In your answer be sure to include the following key terms: natural selection, survival of the fittest, adaptation of species, genotype, and phenotype.

4. Describe in detail how genetics influences physical characteristics, making sure to include definitions of the following key terms: chromosome, gene, allele, mutation and sexual selection.

5. Define the theories of Structuralism and Functionalism, explaining also how these ideas are used to help anthropologists understand and evaluate the cultures within societies.

6. What are the possible origins of human aggression? Is aggression biologically or culturally determined? Is it in our genes or our environment? Or is it both? Did aggression, outside of survival instincts, exist in hominids? Does it exist in the primates and lower orders of animals? Use this opportunity to explore creatively and imaginatively on this age old topic in the social and behavioral sciences.

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