1. What is divine kingship?

2. List the three basic characteristics of sacred kings.

3. With which gods were Egyptian kings generally associated?

4. What does the term “ancient Egypt” usually refer to?

5. To the ancient Egyptians, when did history begin? Who was the first Egyptian king?

6. What is a “dynasty”? Name the three ancient Egyptian kingdoms.

7. What did ancient Egyptians think the Pre-Dynastic Period was like?

8. What does archaeological evidence suggest about the first unification of Egypt?

Fighting for Immortality

1. Explain the three parts that the Egyptians believed made up a person.

2. What had to happen for these three parts unify after death? What were they reunited as?

4. What was important about hieroglyphs?

5. Why were spells important?

6. What was the Book of the Dead?

7. What was the Egyptian attitude toward death?

8. Who was the cult of the dead dependent upon? Explain.

9. Summarize the Egyptian view of death and the afterlife.


1. How was the earliest pyramid built? Who built it?

2. Who was the first king to have a smooth-sided pyramid?

3. List at least four structures found at Giza.

4. What types of tools and knowledge were necessary for pyramid construction?

The Glory of Ancient Egypt

1. What was life like for the commoners during the Old Kingdom?

2. What tied the kingdom together?

3. How did the Egyptians view writing? How much of the population was literate?

4. Why were pyramids so important in Egyptian culture?

5. Describe the collapse of the Old Kingdom.

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