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In this assignment, you will apply the views of two thinkers to a physical space of your choosing. This space should raise questions about a social issue that you value. The purpose of this essay is to render a clear picture of the space, and to use the texts to show the assumptions and conflicts hidden in that space

Sources – You will use three sources in your essay: Your first source will be a local text that will help you to contextualize your space.  Examples of the some local sources you might use include Style Weekly, Richmond Times Dispatch, The Commonwealth Times, RVA News, and Grid. Your other two sources will be articles we have discussed as a class:
Zizek’s “First as Tragedy, Then as Farce,”
Hines’  “What’s in a Package,”
Miller’s “The Birth of the Patio Daddy-O,”
Daly’s “Economics of a Full World,” and
Boulding’s “After Civilization, What?”.
Structure & Style – Treating your space effectively will require you to be aware of your audience. Your audience is academic, without any necessary pre-existing knowledge of your space. Remember, however, that contextualizing your space is only one element of your essay. It is your explanation and analysis of how different sources would interpret the space that forms the focus of your essay. Transitioning between your sources is the key element of this essay, as it will bring to the surface the nuanced overlaps and subtle differences which emerge from your analysis.

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