Apache and Australian women

Answer the these questions.  Then, compare and then contrast the two groups of women that you choose.

1. Then on to the Apache women, for them the myth of Isanaklesh, the earth mother is very important to them. Every year, their daughters who reach menses will have a ceremony, to day referred to as the Sunrise Dance.   During this ceremony the young women are thought to become the goddess and are so powerful that they are able to heal those that are ill. Write an essay discussing the importance of the myth and of this goddess to the entire nation. What were some of the things that the goddess did for the people so that they could live a balanced life? Why do they celebrate this ceremony to this day? What are the benefits to the young girls who participate and what are the benefits to even the men of the nation?

2. As for the women of Australia, here we see a twist, whereas from their religious myths, women were given the power, it seems that somewhere in time the men have stolen this power.  Biologically, it would be impossible for men to truly be able to do so, however, why do men imitate women’s rituals?  How does this affect women and their rituals? How is balance achieved?

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