Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

Answer the following questions:

The French writer, Émile Zola, claimed that the Impressionists were selling sketches that are hardly dry. Identify an example of an Impressionist painting that represents Zola’s description.
The availability of paint in metallic tubes in the 19th century made “en plein-air” possible for Impressionist artists. Identify a 20th or 21st century invention that has contributed to an innovation in art and explain why.
If you had the opportunity to have your own or your family’s portrait painted by either Monet or Renoir, which artist would you choose? Explain the reasons for your choice.
Thomas Eakins’ paintings, The Gross Clinic and The Agnew Clinic, are realist depictions of 19th century surgeries. Compare Eakins’ image of 19th century surgery with a 21st century media image you have seen of a medical innovation. Explain what you believe is the purpose of these kinds of graphic depictions of medical procedures.
Compare the ways in which men are represented in the two paintings by Eakins to the ways in which women are represented in these paintings.
Compare the depiction of women in these paintings by Thomas Eakins with the representations of women in paintings by Mary Cassatt. Describe how you think the women may have been depicted if Cassatt had painted the surgeries.

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