Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)

For your final project and paper, please consider ideas related to the “Presence of Place.” This topic can focus on a particular place anywhere in the world that has a particular project you would choose to propose that creates a sense of presence in that place or a place that the artist wishes to evoke through a temporary project that evokes ideas related to food, cultural identity, marketing, and history.

For your project, the goal is for you to look at one or more public art projects. and to consider how it or they work to communicate a sense of presence of the place in which they were created, or tangibly communicate ideas, feelings, and other sensations about another place. Using an existing project as a starting point, how would you change it—or create an alternative public art project—to enhance the experience of that project and the sense of place it does—or does not—communicate for the public it intends to address?

Things to consider for your project include: how would you change the physical design of an existing project to communicate a sense of place? What visual, auditory, or other cues might you provide to your audience? What smells and sounds or tastes and physical experiences might help with this?

Your final project should include the following:
a bibliography of books, websites and other sources you have consulted

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