This course recognizes that progress as a leader or manager is inextricably bound to progress as a healthy, mature, and interpersonally skilled person.

Therefore, one of the goals of the course is to help you establish a strategic plan or program to grow personally and to help you develop learning skills and management skills to improve your performance at work now and in the future.

Therefore, each week you will turn in a brief written journal entry on a topic of your choice from the required textbook readings, the professor’s lectures and handouts, or from any optional reading you may have done from the additional bibliography given in the “Other Course Materials” section above. You may write on any concept or insight that stands out to you from these sources.

This written journal assignment will be a “journal entry” describing how you have begun to apply or will soon apply the concept or insight that you found especially relevant from the week’s readings to your life, your home, or to your work situation/organization.

The written journal entries will be graded on the basis of …

  1. how well they evidence a solid understanding of the concepts presented in the reading material,
  2. how well the student expresses herself/himself in the assignment (this includes English grammar and writing skill),
  3. how proactive and positive the student approaches a situation in her/his life or work that needs a proposed change,
  4. how thoughtfully, creatively, relevantly and effectively the reading’s contents are applied to the student’s life, home, work situation or organization, and especially upon
  5. whether the student has identified and has actually taken or begun to take SPECIFIC ACTION STEPS to put the concept or insight into practice in real life or work.
  6. Expend your main effort into actually putting the concept, idea, or insight into practice in your personal life or professional situation. Your journal entry is merely a brief report on your application, and this report can be done well in the equivalent of 1 page of text. THINK DEEPLY; WRITE BRIEFLY!
  7. In a short paragraph, concisely identify and explain the concept, idea, or insight you have chosen to apply; also, note the source from which it came.

Then, spend the majority of your space on reporting on how you are putting the concept, idea, or insight into practice, i.e., how you are doing it

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