Board of Pharmacy” Project

Discuss, evaluate, research, and prepare decisions for each case in accordance with the California laws and federal laws of US as applicable. Sanctions must be appropriate to the complaint, decisions must cite law being violated, how it was violated. Roles of pharmacy dept, pharmacist, pharmacy tech should be describe for each case, site appropriate resources.1) a complaint against Jackson Pharmacy was filed concerning the lack of translation services to the patients in the area. Pharmacy does not employ any pharmacist or pharm tech who speak Spanish, filer complaint this is a violation of federal Omnibus Reconciliation Act of 1990 and state rules and regulations concerning the offer of counseling. 2) A pharmacist who has been licensed by the state of California for 15 years comes before the board in response to discovery of two arrests and convictions within 10 years for driving under the influence. 3) an applicant for pharmacy tech registration comes before the board in response to discovery of prior arrest, but no conviction for possession of a controlled substance. 4) a pharmacy tech is accused of violation of the Health info Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) by leaving messages on answering machine stating patients prescription is ready, but does not leave specific info concerning the medication or disease state. 5) a patient filed a complained against a pharmacist for refusing to refill her prescription for birth control based upon the pharmacists personal beliefs, complaint states pharmacist refused to fill prescription which is already in her profile and was previously filled by another pharmacist at the store. Pharmacist on duty refused to voice-transfer prescription to another store where pharmacist was willing to fill prescription. 5 case study format paper on a case by case scenario. Approximately 150 words per case response .

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