Business and Management

As a consultant you specialise in giving focused, strategic analysis to organisations in the oil and gas sector. In your report you need to provide up to date and concise information so that your clients can use it in their day to day operations.
You have been tasked with evaluating an International Oil Company (IOC) OR a National Oil  Company (NOC) and should do so in the following way:

1. Introduce your assignment and explain why you have chosen the particular IOC  or NOC. (10 marks)

2. Conduct a SWOT analysis on your chosen IOC or NOC and rank each of the  factors in order of importance; 1 = most important, 2 = second most important and so  on.
This ranking should be done for each factor examined under each of SWOT’s headings
– Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Explain the reasoning for your
rankings. The ranking is individually done by each of the SWOT sections. (50 marks)

3. Analyse the limitations of SWOT. (10 marks)

4. Outline 3 key recommendations for your chosen IOC or NOC which have come out of your analysis? List these in rank order (1 = most important, 2 = second most  important and so on). Explain your reasoning. (20 marks)

5. Briefly summarise your work (10 marks)

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