Business Ethics

Watch film ‘Inside Job’.
Select one socially significant business decision or practice from the film Inside Job. Critically analyse whether this decision or practice was morally acceptable.

Your answer should not be a statement of your own moral judgement merely, as in a purely reflective assignment. Rather it must employ, draw upon and apply relevant ethical theories and concepts from the second half of the course.

This assessment tasks you with exploring the complexity of modern society and business practices. It draws on your critical thinking and academic writing skills. You are required to illustrate your discussion with examples from Inside Job, as appropriate.
It requires you to demonstrate first and foremost your in-depth, critical understanding of course material covered in the second half of the Ethics course (week 7 onwards, i.e.Social Contract Theory, Justice and Economic Distribution, the Ethics of Economic
Systems, and the Social Responsibility of Business).

In your essay you should:
1. Utilize specific, relevant and clearly explained frameworks, concepts and theories from the second half of the course (week 7 onwards).
2. Draw on specific, relevant and clearly explained examples from Inside Job.

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