Business Process Management Unit 1

For Unit 1 we will prepare the foundation for our presentation by identifying a real world organization that would benefit from applying the business process management (BPM) model in the workplace. You may select the organization where you currently work OR where you previously worked. Be sure you can gather information (via the library, the internet, or by interview) about the organization.

Your presentation in Unit 1 should include the following slides:

Cover Slide – Include your name, class name, title of your presentation, and the current date (the date will need to be updated each week)

Overview (you will add to this slide each week) – The overview will provide a simple review of what is contained within your presentation (usually one bullet statement for each main topic).

Organization – Identify and provide details regarding the organization for whom you will be presenting information about the BPM model. Include the company name, location, size, and primary business area (what does the business do).

Justification –

1) How can this business or organization benefit from learning about the BPM model?

2) What unique challenges will this organization have in using or implementing the BPM?

Process – Describe the essential business process that you have selected. Chapters 2 through 4 will help you understand the concept of an essential business process.

Summary Slide – Summarize (one bullet for Unit 1 with one paragraph of explanation) the purpose of what you prepared in your presentation for Unit 1. This slide will need to be updated each week.

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