Caesar Augustus


1. How did Augustus change and/or add to the laws of Rome at the time?

2. How did the people react to Augustus’ bold declaration as heir to the throne after Julius’ death?

3. How did Augustus change society? Was it for the better or for the worse?

4. How did the people react to Augustus’ death?

5. Why did Anthony challenge Augustus’ rule? How did Augustus respond to this threat? How did this turn out? How did the outcomes affect the people of Rome?

6. Was Augustus a bad influence on the people of Rome, due to the numerous exiles during his reign, and his various failed marriages?

7. How did Augustus contribute to Rome? Did he add in wealth and social improvements or solely in political strides?

8. Who were Augustus’ main supporters and his enemies? What kinds of turmoil did Augustus experience during his lifetime, and especially during his reign? How would these have affected his ability to rule?

9. How did the people feel about Augustus’ common background? Did they feel that it made him and unworthy ruler, or was Julius’ support enough to win their favour?

10. How did Augustus accomplish such a long-lasting peace for Rome, and how/why did it last as long as it did?

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