Canadian Aboriginal myth story about “Snow”

Story about the snow needs to be an own creative myth story. For an example world was created by god in a certain time (There was not snow at the time of the creation) and when the time goes by at a certain time snow starts falling down due to mankind’s sin or merit. Since then snows come every year due to the gods will.

This is just an idea to you to create the myth story.

And this story needs to be understood by kids but must be supported through a Canadian aboriginal religion perspective.
(You should refer Indigenous religion in the text chapter 2)
Creation story needs to be argued and supported with the textbook reading modules, 5 online sources & other related book(Acadamic) through footnotes.
Please mention online sources links separately.
2/3 of each page of writing needs to be footnotes and page numbers for the text book needs to be quoted.
For more details please see the sample stories and the assignment outline.

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