Case Study

The purpose of this assignment task is to identify the principles of professional nursing practice and outline the ethical and legal frameworks for professional practice, remembering to incorporate evidenced-based practice in relation to quality patient care. You MUST include in your referencing two (2) or more of the following:

 Health Practitioner Regulation National Law Act 2010 (WA) ANMC Code of Conduct for the Registered Nurse or Singapore Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

ANMC National Competency Standards for the Registered Nurse 2012

 Singapore Nursing Board Standards of Practice

ANMC Code of Ethics for Registered Nurses 2008 or Singapore Code of Ethics

ANMC National Framework for the Development of Decision Making Framework: 2007 Scope of

Nursing Practice

ANMC Professional Boundaries 2010

 Use the Model for Ethical Decision Making to determine your contribution to the case conference and your recommendation for his ongoing care. Also be sure to use relevant practice guidelines/standards in your answer.

The Case of Munirah

Munirah is a 15 year old disabled girl who has severe cerebral palsy; she cannot walk or talk and is believed to understand little of what is said to her. Munirah is also doubly incontinent.

Munirah’s mother (45) has asked surgeons at the hospital to perform a hysterectomy on her daughter because she says the girl, who has severe cerebral palsy, should not be further distressed by the pain and inconvenience of monthly periods. Munirah does not need her womb because she will never marry or have children, also Munirah will not understand menstruation and the process which will cause her unnecessary indignity, pain, discomfort and mood swings.

The consultant gynaecologist at the hospital backs the mother’s views and has spoken to other surgeons, who share his view. The consultant gynaecologist surgeon thinks the girl’s mother makes a very good argument for proceeding with the course of action, even though it is rather drastic.

Doctors are preparing to remove the womb of a disabled teenage girl because her mother fears she will not cope with the complications of adulthood.

This means a hysterectomy on the 15 year old girl even through the surgery is not medically needed.

Consider the legal and ethical implications of performing surgery on people with disabilities for social reasons and whether it is ever justified.


What lawful authority does a healthcare professional have to treat a person lacking capacity?

-Is sterilisation in Munirah’s best interest?

-Is it necessary to seek court approval?

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