Case Study Analysis.

Read Chapter 5 “Principles of Confidentiality and Truthfulness” (pp. 109 – 132) in Health Care Ethics (5th ed.)

Assigned Case #9 p 130.

Analyze the assigned case study and complete all 3 parts of the “Weekly Assignment TEMPLATE” (attached).

Within the scope of what we know about the case, the doctor felt that protecting the
confidentiality of the husband was more important than anything, including truthfulness
with the wife. This raises the question of whether some ethical principles are more
important than others. Aren’t all ethical principles equally important?

Ethically speaking, the ethical principle of confidentiality has its limits, but the principle of
truthfulness does not. Also, it is important to recognize gonorrhea as a serious threat to
public health. Virulent, resistant strains are on the rise. See

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