Challenges that face social workers in working with group work

Essay Question: Through your studies and your experience in social work, explain what are the challenges in several effects that you may face in the future In working with group work.


First Part:
o In this paragraph write about personal Challenges for example: (Shame, language, excepting others culture)
o Self-development (skills, culture, language – knowledge)

Second Part:
This part of the essay should be about challenges in several effects like:
o Applying Theories while working with group work (Clients)
o Boundaries in working with group work (Cultural Boundaries – professional boundaries)
o Challenges in organizing the group work meeting
o Challenges in managing the group therapy while the client interrupt each other
o Challenges in focusing in the meeting goals
o Challenges in how to deal with different rules during group work
o Challenges in how to manage conflicts with the clients and with the colleague
o Challenges in applying programs for clients
o Challenges in recognizing the suitability of programs for client and its effectiveness
Note: provide a Critique in each paragraph.

Write what you prefer on how to link the previous ideas together.

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