Child Development Case Study Analysis

In a 6–8 page, double-spaced paper, address each of the following components:

  1. Provide an introduction to your analysis—a brief recap of the case.
  2. Discuss whether or not you believe this child has developed a secure attachment to a parent or caregiver and provide specific reasons from the case (and readings) to support your position. Discuss how Timothy’s attachment to his parents has impacted his development throughout his childhood and give examples from each stage.
  3. Use Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model to discuss the contextual and ecological factors such as poverty, education, the environment of the home, and poor quality child care.
  4. What is the prognosis for this child if he does not receive treatment? What treatment might be successful in helping this child? Use the Capella library to find at least two peer-reviewed articles that focus on disordered attachments and their treatment.
  5. After reviewing the information on careers in child psychology, discuss how at least one type of provider might work with Timothy’s family. Also, discuss this career in pediatric psychology and the impact of this field on child development.
  6. Discuss at least one ethical consideration that a pediatric provider may need to be aware of when working with a family.
  7. After reflecting on this case, consider the implications for policy. Provide an example of how can we use our understanding of early bonding to inform policy.
  8. Provide a reference list.

To successfully complete this project, you will be expected to:

  1. Evaluate psychological research and theory in the field of child psychology.
  2. Analyze the ethical, policy, and scientific implications of research in child development.
  3. Apply theoretical models to a hypothetical case study.
  4. Analyze the impact of poor quality child care on children’s development.
  5. Describe the characteristics of secure and insecure attachments.
  6. Discuss a field in pediatric psychology and the impact on child development.
  7. Apply critical thinking and communication skills expected of a professional in the field of child psychology.

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