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The first section of The World Must Know discusses the rise of Nazism in Germany and the beginnings of the persecution of the Jews and other groups that Hitler targeted during his reign. Based upon your reading of the text and the video, you will create a journal post of at least 700 words and engage in a conversation with your classmate about what you have viewed.

Many of you will be surprised and overwhelmed by the information. You will want to express this surprise in the journal entry, but simply expressing dismay will not be enough. You will need to analyze what you have read and seen to draw conclusions about the motives of the Nazis, the responses of the Jews, and the apathy of the world. You may want to search the Internet for more information about some of the events. Visit the web site of The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC at, at, or The Virtual Jewish Library at for reliable information on the Holocaust. If you conduct a Google/Yahoo search, remember to evaluate the credibility of the web site. Many Holocaust deniers post what look like legitimate information to deceive readers about the true events.

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