Collage City – Edinburgh

Drawing on established architectural theories and methodologies, undertake an investigation as to how planning techniques help create a sense of place in the city, with reference to Edinburgh.

outline Cullen’s ideals
– discuss how the book is set out (casebook: serial vision, place, content; general studies)
– how illustrations will aid argument
why Edinburgh has been chosen
The main idea of the essay is showing how people feel in the city associated with the change of city’s landscape.
Rowe and Koetter (1983) propose that urban design of a city is dynamic and changed along with times – the old and new towns of Edinburgh.
What has been left due to urban development (such as Edinburgh castle), and what has been replaced or disappeared?
Is it influenced by politics, or history, or human activities, and the role of people in the movement?
Edinburgh’s special character is reflected in its unique central area, which is of World Heritage Status, and its quality suburbs and villages. In addition there are several urban expansions areas and these, with the large-scale regeneration of a number of inner and outer city sites help define the modern Edinburgh. Mapping the historic map to find out how the old town connects with the new
town. Where are the beauty places inside the city?
Wide visual appreciation of much of the city’s core and surroundings is made possible by Edinburgh’s spectacular topography revealing both the urban grain and an often dramatic towns cape. A complex interplay of elements has shaped the character of Edinburgh. It is a city in which landscape, history and buildings are combined in harmony`

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