colonial america up until the war of 1812

The following outline is designed assist you in preparing for the History 6 midterm.  This is only an outline, offering you in bullet point form the terms, names, ideas, and concepts you need to understand in order to do well on the midterm.




  • Understand the difference between Spanish, French, English, and Dutch colonies
    • How are they different? Be able to discuss the:
      • Population
      • Natives
        • Relationship with the natives
      • Region/environment
      • Economy
      • Religious difference


Native Americans


  • Be able to discuss the difficulties faced by Native Americans once Europeans landed in North and South America
  • Disease
  • Impact on culture, tradition, and religion


England’s Colonies in North America


  • Understand how England’s North American colonies are different
    • Colony’s religious affiliation (if they have one)? Know whether each colony is founded on religion or not.  What religious affiliation did the colonies have (Example: Pennsylvania was founded as a Quaker colony)
    • Regional difference
    • Economy
      • Family Farms?  Sea Faring? Fishing?  Shipbuilding?  Trade?
      • Plantation/ Slave Economy?
    • Life Expectancy (at the very least know the difference of life expectancy between Virginia and Massachusetts)
    • Specifically: Know the differences between Virginia, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland, the Carolinas, and Georgia. (I have made it a point to stress the differences of these colonies)


Bacon’s Rebellion


  • What caused it?
    • Was it a class and social struggle?  If so what caused it?
  • Who are the major players in the rebellion?
    • Governor Berkeley & Nathanial Bacon
  • What is the significance of Bacon’s Rebellion?
    • What was the end result of the rebellion?


Social and Class Struggles in the Colonies


  • Maryland:
    • As with Bacon’s Rebellion, understand the root cause of Coode’s rebellion in Maryland
  • Massachusetts:
    • What caused the events surrounding the Salem Witch Trails
      • How does this represent reaction to social pressures in Massachusetts?
    • Be able to explain the problems in Massachusetts connected to the Puritan and non-Puritan population
    • What is the “half-Way Covenant?”
      • How does it reflect the struggle of Puritans in Massachusetts?


The Great Awakening

  • What is the Great Awakening?
    • Why do poor Americans, disadvantaged Americans, and slaves embrace evangelical religions?


The Enlightenment

  • What is the enlightenment?
  • How does it impact American society?




  • Why did slavery become a huge part of the American economy?
    • Where does it take hold and why?
    • What products created a need for slave labor?
      • Be able to explain the difference in how slaves worked for different kinds of cash crops
        • Gang labor versus the task system
        • Lower South vs. Upper South
  • What was the triangle trade?
  • What is the Middle Passage?
  • Be able to explain the difference between Slavery and Indentured Servitude
    • Why does slavery overtake indentured Servitude in the South?


Road to Revolution


  • Explain the impact of the various wars that took place in North America prior to Revolutionary.
    • How did the French & Indian War (AKA the Seven Years War) begin the events that led to American Independence?
  • What were the events that led to America’s war for Independence?
  • Be able to explain the acts/laws passed by the British that led to the American Revolution
    • What were the various acts?  What was the reaction of the Colonists?  Why?  Understand the issues and debates that took place in the colonies
      • Internal versus External taxes?
      • When Colonists say “No taxation without representation” what do they mean?
    • What caused the Boston Massacre?
    • What were the Coercive Acts?
      • Boston & the colonies response?
      • The King of England & Parliament’s response?
  • Know who Thomas Paine is, and the importance of Common Sense


The Early American Republic

  • Who are the Federalists?
  • Who are the Anti-Federalists?
    • What do each group believe in?
    • Who the leaders of each group?
      • Know which group George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson were connected with
  • Be able to explain the need for a Constitutional Convention in 1789
    • Why were the Articles of Confederation not effective?
    • What were the results of the Constitutional Convention?
      • What were the debates for and against a stronger federal government?
      • How did the states compromise in order to pass a new constitution
  • Shay’s Rebellion, what was the importance of it?
    • Class struggle?



Washington and Adams Presidencies


  • Know the key members of the government
    • Alexander Hamilton
    • Thomas Jefferson
      • They have conflicting views of what the American Government should be, know what they wanted.
    • What was the Whiskey Rebellion?
  • What was the X,Y,Z affair
  • What was the Quasi War?
    • Causes?
    • Why did relations with the French deteriorate?
  • What were the Alien & Sedition Acts?
    • How did Americans at the time view it?


Jeffersonian America

  • What is Jefferson’s idea of the “Yeoman Farmer?”
  • Importance of the court case of Marbury v. Madison?
  • What was the Louisiana Purchase?
    • Its significance?
  • How do the Napoleonic Wars impact the U.S.
    • What was the Embargo Act of 1807
      • Was it successful?
  • Why does the U.S. enter into a war with England in 1812?
    • Who are the War Hawks?
  • Who was Tecumseh?  Why is he important?
  • Andrew Jackson & the Battle of New Orleans
  • What was the Hartford Convention?  What was its significance?
  • Result of the War of 1812?

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