Comment how Mrs Mallard changes during the story.

Comment on the character of Mrs. Mallard in Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and how she changes during the story. You might comment on the stages of her reaction to the news of her husband’s death and/or discuss the central irony of the story.

The introductory paragraph should include the following:
1. sentence grabbing attention of reader
2. title of short story being discussed (in quotation marks) and author
3. thesis statement that indicates precisely what the paper will analyze

1. A topic sentence for each paragraph in your paper. Make sure the topic sentence presents an idea related to your thesis and not a fact or plot information.
2. A list of several quotations from the story which you will use in each paragraph to support your topic sentence. List these quotations under each topic sentence for which they are relevant.
3. A sentence that will begin your concluding paragraph.

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