At some point in your career, if not already, you will be working on a team that includes members from different cultures. Assume your next project will include team members from the United States, Japan, and Brazil. The US team members are all physically located in Washington, DC, but the foreign team members are located in their respective countries.

Considering the above team, draw from Engleberg & Wynn and the PMBOK Guide to support your responses to the questions below.

Q1. This team is diverse in many aspects, including cultural dimensions, gender, and personality. Additionally, it is a virtual team.

A. Explain in detail 2 cultural dimensions that could impact team communications in this virtual team.
B. Explain in detail 2 project management issues that could impact team communications in this virtual team.

Q2. As noted in the PMBOK Guide, “For one team member to successfully communicate a technical concept to another team member in a different country can involve encoding the message…, sending the message…, and having the receiver decode the message. Any noise introduced along the way compromises the original meaning of the message.”

For the team described above, what types of noise could impact the effectiveness of the team’s video conference communications? Brainstorm to identify all potential sources.

References to be used are:
Working in Groups by Isa N. Engleberg and Dianna R. Wynn
PMBOK Fourth Edition

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