Find a PRINT advertisement (Internet ads/print ads that were found on the Internet are NOT acceptable). Using the ideas covered in class and in the book describe how two people – one high in media literacy and one low in media literacy – would likely process the advertisement.

Be sure to first include a brief introduction (no more than a paragraph) in which you generally describe the attributes of your advertisement. Mention where the ad came from and who you think is the target audience of the ad.

Also consider what the advertisement is trying to get the audience to do (e.g., buy a product, have a more favorable attitude towards the brand, perform a specific or general behavior, dislike a competing brand, etc.)? What persuasive methods do the admakers seem to have utilized in attempting to accomplish this?

Explain how differences in levels of key media literacy skills are likely to determine how the two individuals would process and respond to the message.

Do you think the advertisement is generally likely to be successful? Why or why not? Will it be more or less effective for those higher or lower in media literacy? Why or why not?

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