Paper 6 asks you to report your strengths and weaknesses after taking the online GO CULTURE ASSESSMENT. The Intercultural Readiness Assessment is a new online survey that gives you a score and textual analysis across 16 predictors of intercultural effectiveness or readiness. To take the GO CULTURE ASSESSMENT, you will go to the URL and use the Coach ID and Passcode provided by your professor. (user id: dodd password: trial

1.         Then, as always, provide an introduction to your paper.

3.         Interpret and analyze your strengths, weaknesses, overall readiness. In your discussion, be sure to ask the question, “does this seem accurate for me?”

4.         Indicate coaching strategies and solutions for any weaknesses. That is, what would you say to yourself as if coaching yourself to enhance and improve the areas identified as lower scores.

5.         As always, close with a great concluding paragraph.

6.         Appendix – (not included in page count) Report your actual percentages by including the pages from your report: (1) Cultural Readiness Indicators, (2) Overall Cultural Readiness Indicator and (3) Aproach Styles Indicators.

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