Comparative Analysis: Louis Vuitton & Coach

Do a comparative analysis of two companies: Louis Vuitton and Coach

**First 3 pages of the paper will consist of:

A.  History and current financial status of the companies.  Compare and contrast the two.

B.  Understand and compare the current strategies of the companies.

C.  Study current company operations (by visiting and assessing locations). Study their products.

D.  Compare and contrast their marketing strategies.

E.  Analyze their operations and assess whether they are successfully executing their strategies and plan.

**Second 2 pages of the paper is a Memorandum

–          A written memorandum will summarize the charts (history charts, financial charts, SWOT chart, comparison of operation charts, and recommendations chart) paying special attention to recommendations on how they can improve.  It is to be in memorandum style and will be a maximum of two pages.

Powerpoint presentation: 5 slides

–           A.  Introduction with student group names, names of companies, date, class

B.  History chart

C.  Financial chart

D.  SWOT chart

E.  Companirson of operations charts-

F.  Recommendations chart

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