Compare Ovid’s and Kafka’s Metamorphosis

There is a theme of exile (whether by death or transformation) in both stories. Do the humans have control over their destiny? When changes happen does anyone question them? Are transformations gradual? How do they begin to show up? Are there justifications for the destruction or the physical change of an individual, society or world? What are the consequences of the changes? Whether you believe in fate, predestination or the unknown, it is human nature to look for ways to blame someone or something for the outcome of a situation. Blame can be assigned to an individual, luck, god, karma, etc. the idea is the avoidance of responsibility. For example, when someone (a person, god or king) commits one of the seven deadly sin(wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony), most will rationalize their behavior by putting fault elsewhere, rather than accepting they acted wrongly with free will.

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