Write a process essay (prescriptive or descriptive). Your topic should be complex enough to warrant research and documentation. You should have at least four print or internet sources. Document in MLA format.
Prescriptive Essays (How to Do Something)

Prominent and overt use of transition words
Imperatives (verbs that issue commands) are used to state the steps in the process; present tense active verbs, to explain the steps.
The pronoun you is often the subject of sentences.
Sentences which state the steps in the process are short and direct. Sentences which explain the steps may be longer but are still concise.
The explanation of the process proceeds carefully step by step in order. The only digressions are to include warnings or point out the dangers of not following the steps as outlined.
A list of tools or materials may be given before the process is explained.
Technical terms may need to be explained when they are introduced.

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