contemporary topic

For this week, please read the selections from Repko (list on your syllabus) and review the materials in module 1c. Then complete this discussion.

The point of this exercise is to get you thinking about the ways that different disciplines approach problems.

Answer this question in at least 500 words. I am only asking you one question this week, so make your answer a strong one.

3. Pick a contemporary topic. It could be anything from the news in the last 6 months, such as the Arab Spring, the upcoming election, or the debates over bullying in school. Browse through the newspapers if you are struggling to find a topic.

Now consider about how a scholar from each of the major disciplinary categories (natural sciences, social sciences, humanities) would approach a discussion about this topic. Pay careful attention to the materials in the beginning of Chapter 4 of Repko. Briefly describe the kinds of questions these disciplines might ask and what kind of research they might pursue.

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