Criminal Justice

Watch the Frontline documentary entitled, A Dangerous Business: Revisited.
1. Why do you think the laws and penalties regarding worker safety remain inadequate even in the aftermath of cases such as McWane? As a result, which enforcement style do you believe OSHA pursues?
2. McWane was convicted of a misdemeanor in the death of an employee and fined $250,000. It was later found guilty of countless felony charges making it a repeat offender. What were your thoughts regarding the punishments that were doled out to McWane?
3. Can you draw comparisons between the asbestos industry and McWane relative to the handling of workplace safety.
4. What were your thoughts regarding the changes implemented by McWane to improve safety? What about the fact that many executives present during the violations remain in their positions, while the whistle blowers lost everything?
5. What two theories would you use to explain McWane’s long history of worker safety and environmental violations?

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