Criminal Justice

Question One–Scenarios Week 2 See full description below.

How would you respond in the following two scenarios? Be sure to support your response based on the content of the lesson, outside research, and/or experience and explain why you have chosen to respond in such a way. Your response should be atleast 500 words.

A rookie police officer assists a senior officer and a supervising sergeant with the arrest of a violent criminal suspect. After a brief struggle, the suspect is subdued, handcuffed, and incapacitated. However, the senior officer continues to punch the suspect, although the suspect offers no resistance. The sergeant observes the punching but does not intervene. Should the rookie officer assume a leadership role and intervene to stop the physical abuse from the suspect? If so, how should the rookie officer proceed?

Two officers respond to the scene of a reported burglary at a residence. While interviewing the victim, the first officer sees the second officer take a watch from a table and conceal it, apparently intending to steal the watch. How should the first officer respond?

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