Cultural and Ethnic Studies

Write an essay on ONE of the topics listed below. Always define the concepts and terms you use. Draw your illustrations from the coursework, related readings, and from your own experience. Develop your points in as much detail and depth as possible. See the listing of CBU library resources that can assist you in

your work at the end of this syllabus. See also “What I Want From An Essay.” Anticipated length: 6-8 pages double-spaced (exclusive of bibliography).

 Take a quotidian food from your diet and discuss it according to where the constituent ingredients come from, how they are produced and processed, and through which channels they arrived at your Cape Breton dinner table.

 Is there such a thing as ‘Cape Breton’ food? How does it differ from – and how is it similar to – the food of other regions? What makes it ‘Cape Breton’?

 Identify a food that you did not, could not, or would not eat in your past, and explain the processes by which it has entered your food repertoire. Conversely, identify a food that you do not, can not, or will not eat now and explain the processes of its exit.

 Identify a food that is ‘necessary’ for the proper observance of a custom (a ritual, a calendar custom, a rite of passage, etc.). Trace its origins both in a larger, historical context and in your own personal history.

 Contrast a typical meal/food event that you may prepare for ‘intimates’ (friends, family) with one you may prepare for ‘strangers’ (important guests, potential romantic partners, etc.). What constitutes ‘special occasion’ food and why?

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