Cultural Profile

This assignment is aimed at exploring and creating a community cultural profile. You will need to do the following:
1. Conduct research to create a cultural profile about your community.
a. Using the census data, locate demographical information about your community. Identify the key social, ethnic and linguistic characteristics as reflected in the census data.
b. Locate demographical data about the local school enrollment and identify its ethnic and linguistic composition.
c. Comment on the educational implications of the demographical data of your community. How does it impact your teaching?
d. Take a tour of your community and identify the cultures that are represented.
Examine the signs, type of businesses, local newspapers, cultural and faith-based organizations, cultural celebrations and services available.
2. Based on the cultural profile of your community, identify at least five resources (places, people, artifacts and others) available in your community that could be used in your multicultural curriculum.
3. Write a reflective commentary addressing the following:
o What did you learn about the community cultural make up?
o Based on the findings about the community, what aspects would you need to take into consideration when planning learning experiences?
o What did you learn about the community that would enhance your practice as an early childhood educator?

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