Cultural Trends in the Late Nineteenth Century/From Smoke-Filled Rooms to Prairie Wildfire:1877-1896

Questions 1 and 2 refer to( Cultural trends in the late Nineteenth Century) and questions 3 and 4 refer to (From Smoke-Filled Rooms to Prairie Wildfire: 1877-1896)

1. The introductory essay argues that football was embraced by colleges and universities in the late nineteenth century because it reflected hard-nosed Darwinian concepts. What other aspects of late nineteenth-century intellectual and cultural life were influenced by Darwinism? What intellectual trends and movements rejected social Darwinism?

2. How did pragmatism—the belief that ideas must be judged by their consequences—challenge earlier outlooks on philosophy and morality?

3. How did the decisions of the Supreme Court aggravate race relations and give rise to political protest? What strategies did African American leaders consider in response to increased segregation?

4. Why did such a seemingly dull issue as currency reform generate such passions, culminating in William Jennings Bryan’s crusade against “a cross of gold” in 1896? Why did the Populists fail to win the support of northern labor, and thus the election?

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