Culture and Catastrophe: Cause, Chronology, Consequence

This paper is a culmination of two prior interactive assignments and requires field work. Simply put, the student will be required to choose a topic of interest to identify and interview an appropriate subject with expertise and/or pointed interest in the topic, present an overview of the topic and the interview to the class in a 15 minute presentation, and compile the data into a final, formal essay. Though the interview will be your primary source. 5 secondary sources required. Extended transcribed excerpts from the interview do not count toward “page-length.”
Note: This paper will be a causal analysis and assessment of what, when, why, and effects of a disaster or failure–past, present or future. Do not let the title “Culture and Catastrophe” limit your topic choice or research: social phenomenon (think economics for example), medical issues (health trends, disease management) geographic/ecological concerns, are just a few directions besides natural and technological disasters.

Learning outcomes.

1. Know how to integrate diverse kinds of documents to explore sustainability topics, problems, and arguments as such that may be defined by a student’s major.
2. Acquire research writing competence by using quotations, signal phrases, reference lists, images (e.g., table or illustration), etc. within the framework of MLA and APA formats.
3. Develop a proposal and field research (e.g., an interview, survey, observation).

4. Master reflection as part of writing.

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