Curriculum Development in CTE

Learning Objective: Become familiar with some curriculum issues in CTE.

Procedure: Interview a CTE instructor in your content area at a middle school, high school or tech center and respond to the following questions or statements. Students are to type a two-page paper in standard format (see Zinser’s Checklist). Staple this rubric to the paper and sign your name in the space above.

1. Paraphrase the overall mission of the school. What are its goals and objectives?

2. What are the names of the different courses offered in your CTE program? Choose one course and describe it (ask if there is a course description or syllabus available).

3. Identify the major units of instruction for the course you chose.

4. After reviewing the school’s mission, provide a rationale on why your program and its related courses have been approved by the local school board.

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