Discrimination Legislation and Diversity Training Issues

As a staffer, you occasionally need a break from your hard job. Last night, you poured yourself a nice cup of hot cocoa, lit a fire, and sat down to watch the news. Just as you were getting comfortable, you saw the county courthouse on television. People were picketing the courthouse and demanding that the Christmas tree in the lobby of the courthouse be taken down. Now, you
must answer the public as it seems there are irate people on both sides of the debate.
The mayor will have 3 minutes to discuss this issue on the local noon news tomorrow. Please type a 2-3 page response to the protesters, which the mayor will read on the news program. The mayor should be unbiased. Remember, it is important to be respectful to both sides of the issue. In your summary, address the following:
The purpose of the tree in the lobby
The reason why the town will or will not take down the tree in light of the protest
State a decision.
Be sure it is something the mayor will agree with.

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