Discussion Questions

Chapter 1 of the course text examines the three following pervasive issues:

    • Nature versus nurture
    • Continuous versus discontinuous development
    • Critical and sensitive periods of development

Explore two of the three pervasive issues surrounding child development.  Along with a definition for each, provide an example from your own experience with children (e.g., as a child yourself, your own children, your observations of others) and a research finding about the issue.

  1. Developmental Domains

    Discuss the domains of development (i.e., physical, cognitive, and psychosocial) in relation to one age range of normal development. Through the perspective of at least one major developmental theory, explain the developmental accomplishments during that age range for all three domains. Provide research-based evidence from the articles assigned or your own research in the library in peer-reviewed articles for what occurs during each period.

    Developmental Milestones

  1. Watch the following videos, Child Development Milestones and How I Learn: Child Development Milestones and relate the developmental milestones in the videos to your reading in the course text. Assess critical periods in the cognitive and psychosocial development of children from birth to three years of age.  If a parent of a two year old child asked you what to do because the child was not speaking in sentences like their older sibling did, what advice would you give the parent? Why would you give this specific advice?  What other explanations might be given in this situation and why would you choose to not provide those to the parent?


  1. 4.      Research Findings

Based upon your readings from the course materials and your own independent research, discuss three research findings related to development from conception to two years of age. Relate these findings to any topic in Chapter 2’s reading. These topics include culture influences on nutrition, genetic factors affecting mental health, and the birthing process. Your initial response should be between 200-250 words. At least one scholarly, peer-reviewed source should be used to substantiate the research findings (i.e., the three research findings may come from one research article or from multiple research articles).

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