Discussion Questions for Week 15

Ropes Section 8, Chapters 56, 58, & 60
Section 8
What is the confidence game?
What is meant by a corporate cooling out?
What is the purpose of a corporate cooling out?
What is “transmotion” and how are employees typically transmotted?
What is the purpose of transmotting employees instead of just retiring or firing them?
Chapter 56
What are some reasons or arguments to support Ted’s view of the dual career system?
What are some arguments to support Kal’s view of the dual career system?
Are the top staff managers always top technical people who simply don’t have the skills to supervise others?Why or why not?
Have you in your previous experience been a part of a dual career system?
Does the “dual career ladder” concept make sense?
Chapter 58
In terms of the four steps of the confidence game, what is going on at the laboratory?
Four Steps
Step one:The mark learns that he or she can make a real killing . . .
Step two:Some form of confidence building activity . . . .
Step three:The “sting.” Angry and humiliated, the mark contemplates action. Even more than money, it is the loss of self-esteem that motivates the mark to action.
Step four: The “coolout.”The cooler’s job is to convince the mark to accept the loss stoically, without protest.
Why does Kerry say that “If Ted actually understood the process he wouldn’t be half as effective”?
Are there other industries (besides basic research) which use the concept of the confidence game?
Do you think the confidence game works for these industries?
Chapter 60
Why does the company go through this charade instead of just “dumping Drake and moving on?”
Can Kerry possibly refuse the offer of distinguished scientist?
Why was ploy #3 more successful than the first two?
Do you know anyone that has been cooled out?

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