Domestic Violence & The Character “Ricky” In the film American Beauty

1. The Media Review Paper examines how the popular media influences public opinion about domestic violence.  This assignment will help students attain 2 important course outcomes:

– distinguish among the complexities and multifaceted nature of domestic violence to assess institutional, community and individual responses

– apply knowledge or research and theory of domestic violence to identify the scope of the issue within society and dispel commonly held misconceptions

2. Post a one paragraph proposal to the conference entitled “Media Paper Topics” (due June 10th) identifying your title, the character your paper will focus on, and a brief statement describing the steps you will take to make sure your paper is submitted on time.

3. Identify one character (victim of domestic violence) who will be the focus of your paper.

4. Compose a 6-8 page paper (not including title or reference page) that addresses the items listed in the following rubric:

On a separate title page, center and type the name of the film, the character you have selected, your name, and the course information

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