Drugs and society

  1. Using supplementary materials posted on Blackboard, please provide a general explanation of the services provided by the DEA and SAMSHA. In addition, list and explain two programs run by each of these organizations (a total of 4 programs, 2 from the DEA and 2 from SAMSHA). Finally, based on your own thoughts and conclusions, explain the difference(s) between these organizations (DEA and SAMSHA). Note: The final part of the question should be based on your own thoughts after reviewing the information provided.
  2. Please define tolerance and dependence and explain the relationship between these terms. In addition, define reverse tolerance and cross-tolerance and provide examples of each of these terms. Finally, define cross dependence and psychological dependence and provide examples of each of these terms.
  3. Using information from your text and/or the documentary, Haze, please describe the extent of alcohol use among college students. In addition, explain the extent of binge drinking (which is different from alcohol use) in this population. Finally, provide your own conclusion regarding how these trends/problems should be addressed. Note: The final part of the question should be based on your own thoughts.
  4. Using stats from the text describe the extent of heroin use. In addition, describe the relationship between heroin use and criminal behavior. Finally, describe the withdrawal symptoms of heroin use and explain a potentially successful treatment strategy for this population.
  5. Using supplementary material(s) provided on Blackboard, please provide a brief definition of Ecstasy. In addition, explain how this drug affects a person’s brain. Finally, provide a clear description (with at least 5 specific examples) of how Ecstasy can negatively impact a person’s health.
  6. List and describe three behavioral effects of marijuana. Be sure to clearly explain the impact of the drug on behavior in each of your explanations.
  7. Select two types of over-the-counter drugs and provide a brief description of each. In addition, explain how use or overuse of each of these types of drugs has proven to be harmful in some regard. Please remember to base your answers on information presented in class or the text, rather than personal experience.
  8. In your own words, please list and explain the five stages of change (These are described by Prochaska and DiClemente and can be found in the text – Hint Chapter 18. “attached”) that can be useful when designing a treatment plan for an individual with a substance abuse problem. Also, explain why determining the stage (or state) of change can be helpful when developing a treatment plan.
  9. Please explain four things about drug use or abuse that you were previously unaware of and learned in this course. This can be information from anything presented in the text, slides, or supplementary materials.
  10. Discuss a drug prevention program presented in the text, slides, or supplementary material and explain why you think this program ‘is’ or ‘is not’ effective.

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